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A quick cunning hero capable of long-range attacks and magical trickery. Voden excels on the outskirts of battle, directing his arrows towards unsuspecting enemies. As a master marksman, he’s always primed and ready for the clash, in order take down
Gigantic, 13 декабря 2016 в 21:07

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Gigantic - Arc Open Beta Launch Trailer

YouTube | en | 22 июня 2017 в 15:59
Gigantic is now available for all Windows 7, 8, and 10 users on Arc! We are thrilled to return to Arc with a massive update to Gigantic! Our June 2017 release marks the last major release of the Open Beta, and kicks off the final month leading up to

Gigantic - Account Copy

YouTube | en | 22 июня 2017 в 03:14
Want to transfer your Gigantic account from Xbox One/Windows 10 to Arc or vice versa? We got you covered! Those of you who started on Xbox or Windows 10 can now bring your progress over to the Arc client to play on Windows 7, 8, and 9. Copying your

This Week in Gigantic - June 16

YouTube | en | 16 июня 2017 в 22:04
Episode # 3 of This Week in Gigantic introduces Gigantic to the Arc platform for a PREVIEW WEEKEND! Check it out by going over to now until Sunday, June 18th at 11:59 PM PT. @Mo_SoFech discusses the new UI, combat changes, no more

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Charnok

YouTube | en | 12 июня 2017 в 21:10
A drakkor master of pyromancy, Charnok uses his skills to bombard his foes with fiery destruction. If you enjoy long-range carnage, draconic sorcerers, or just engulfing your enemies in flames, Charnok is the Hero for you! Gigantic is a free-to-play

This Week In Gigantic - June 8, 2017

YouTube | en | 08 июня 2017 в 20:00
Episode #2 of This Week In Gigantic brings more exciting updates to the community about the progress of the game and some news you all will be incredibly excited to hear regarding your Open Beta progress! Plus, @AkaAmandaKane and @MO_SoFech answer a

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Xenobia

YouTube | en | 05 июня 2017 в 21:15
Trained in the art of sorcery by Lady Devaedra, Xenobia's complete dedication to the art has manifest itself with dramatic physical transformations. A mid-ranged support/debuffer, she uses her powers to control the battleground and frustrate her

This Week In Gigantic - June 2, 2017

YouTube | en | 02 июня 2017 в 20:04
We've been hard at work and pretty busy working on content and updates for you guys. Now, we're getting a chance to discuss some of them with you. Check out This Week In Gigantic #1 with MO_Sofech and AkAAmandaKane. Be sure to read the full blog