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What makes Gigantic so special? In our latest Developer Diary we explore what makes this latest action MOBA an unforgettable player experience from start to finish. Gigantic is a free-to-play action MOBA developed by Motiga that pits teams of five
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This Week In Gigantic - September 14, 2017

YouTube | en | 14 сентября 2017 в 20:10
Welcome the Gigantic's brand new 'Into Solitude' update! We're celebrating the release of Rutger, new monk themed skins, Guardian Area, and more. Learn all about it in Episode 12 of 'This Week In Gigantic'! Interested in Guardian Arena? Check out

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Rutger

YouTube | en | 12 сентября 2017 в 19:00
Rutger is an ancient warden of the plains, who controls the terrain to protect the land at all costs. With low health, but a very large shield, Rutger brings a different type of tank combat style to the Gigantic roster. Check out his Hero Overview

Gigantic: Here Comes Rutger!

YouTube | en | 07 сентября 2017 в 20:43
Be on the look out for Rutger because our newest hero is on his way! He'll be joining the Gigantic roster on September 12th. Learn more: Like: Follow:

This Week In Gigantic - September 6, 2017

YouTube | en | 06 сентября 2017 в 20:43
Episode 11 of This Week In Gigantic is up! Get ready for the next update featuring Rutger, new Monk themed skins, and so much more. Update notes will be out later! Plus, the brand new Mozu skin came out this week. Pick up the 'Conjurer's Cabinet'

Gigantic: Mozu - The Conjurer's Cabinet

YouTube | en | 05 сентября 2017 в 22:00
Feel as majestic and intimidating as Lady Devaedra herself with the new Mozu Conjurer’s Cabinet skin - available now! Learn more: Like: Follow: Watch:

This Week In Gigantic - August 31st, 2017

YouTube | en | 31 августа 2017 в 21:45
In Episode 10 of 'This Week In Gigantic', Jared and Amanda discuss in-game and community events that are worth the HYPE! Grab the 'Into The Rift' skin for Lord Knossos and be sure to check out the Motiga artist panel at PAX West this weekend. Learn

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Vadasi

YouTube | en | 31 августа 2017 в 20:12
Introducing Vadasi! She's a zealous Kai on a pilgrimage for knowledge and divinity. With an affinity for the light and a watchful eye of flame, Vadasi alone decides whether you will benefit from her righteous defense or burn under her fiery

Critical Praise for Gigantic

YouTube | en | 30 августа 2017 в 20:31
Now is an excellent time to leap off the airship and onto the battleground of Gigantic! See what critics have to say about our fast-paced, action packed, 5v5 hero shooter. Gigantic is free-to-play and available now on Steam, Arc, Xbox One, and

Gigantic: Hero Mastery

YouTube | en | 30 августа 2017 в 00:10
Mastering Gigantic's Heroes is not an easy task, but the rewards are well-worth the effort! At the end of each match, you earn Mastery on the Hero that you played. Earning enough Mastery will allow you to unlock exquisite skins and weapons that show