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Новая порция самых интересных роликов с обзорами и впечатлениями от Crossout, вышедшие на Youtube в новогодние праздничные дни.
Crossout, 11 января 2017 в 15:14

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[Guide] Crossout: The Garage | Episode 3

YouTube | ru | 20 июля 2017 в 15:07
Hello Survivors! Welcome back to The Garage — the Wastes’ premier destination for know-it- alls! You are watching the most detailed and useful show for every true fan of Crossout! If you really want to make the laws of this brave new world, you

Crossout: The Garage | Episode 2

YouTube | ru | 13 июля 2017 в 14:57
Hello Survivors! Welcome to the Garage, the Wasteland’s premier destination for know-hows about everything! Got to build a tank and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents? Dying to know about all the game maps? Do you wish to find the most

Crossout: The Garage | Episode 1

YouTube | ru | 07 июля 2017 в 15:01
Welcome to the Garage, the premier destination in the Wasteland, where you can learn all there is to know. Today we are destroying myths and learning how to fly on Crossout rides. In the "Combat zone" section we are going to dig into the "Bridge"

Crossout: Tutorials | Part 3

YouTube | ru | 05 июня 2017 в 14:56
The third issue of ‘Tutorial’ is mandatory for those who want to make some money! Today, we will delve into the goods-money relations and make everything clear as crystal. Site: Facebook:

Crossout - Launch Trailer

YouTube | ru | 30 мая 2017 в 12:51
PLAY FOR FREE NOW: From May 30th, the post-apocalyptic Action MMOG Crossout is available as a free download on Windows PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The launch of Crossout introduces several new features to the game,


Сайт | ru | 26 мая 2017 в 15:04
Предлагаем всем игрокам взглянуть на 3D-модель уникального бронемобиля “Выживший”!