Conan Exiles → Update 23: Dominate with the Trebuchet!

Last week we added the dye system to Conan Exiles, letting you color of your clothes and armor to create your own look, and soon you can explore an all new and brutal dungeon in the sewers beneath the Unnamed city. But this week we are introducing
Conan Exiles, 30 марта 2017 в 21:52

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Patch Notes for Live (18.05.2018)

RSS | en | 18 мая 2018 в 14:04
Hey all! Happy Friday!To start with, you may notice these notes aren’t as long as the ones recently pushed on TestLive. This is because the branch on TestLive requires a little more testing due to the changes and fixes made. However, we did want to

TestLive Patch Notes (16.05.2018)

RSS | en | 16 мая 2018 в 22:21
This is version 96266/17834. Please be sure you update your build and that you have the same number!Quality of Life improvementsAs an admin you can now explicitly whitelist players by SteamIDPlayer names now show up further awayPlayers who go AFK

More Servers Are On The Way

RSS | en | 15 мая 2018 в 22:59
Hello Exiles,Exciting news from the Funcom team: We'll be adding up to a total of 300 more official servers during the next few days. That covers all regions and all platforms! We are also introducing PvE Conflict servers for both South America and

New Oceania servers

RSS | en | 15 мая 2018 в 17:32
Today we rolled out the following PC servers in Oceania:Official server #1952 – Australia – PvE ConflictOfficial server #1963 – Australia – PvPOfficial server #1964 – Australia – PvPThere are more servers coming for other regions as well. More

Patch Notes for Live (15.05.2018)

RSS | en | 15 мая 2018 в 17:03
Hey all! Thank you so much for your continued feedback and reports. We will continue to roll out patch for all platforms to improve the game. Fixes include:Redshell plugin removedServer browser: PvP-F now shows as PvE-CFixed a crash in character

Testlive Patch Notes (14.05.2018)

RSS | en | 14 мая 2018 в 19:30
Heya! We got a new TestLive build out. Version is 95944/17802Redshell plugin removedServer browser: PvP-F now shows as PvE-CFixed a crash in character creationFixed a problem where health went back to max after taking damageFixed auto-lock and

Quick update on South-American servers

RSS | en | 14 мая 2018 в 18:10
Hey everyone!Three of our South American servers (1976, 1986 and 1996) will be moved to a new data center with better hardware. We're moving them there as a step towards solving the issues we're seeing with those three servers. There's no ETA on the

New Servers Are Up

RSS | en | 10 мая 2018 в 23:19
Today we have rolled out the following servers in the US and Europe! 1000-servers are PC, 2000-servers are Xbox and 3000-servers are PS4.Official server #1035 – Europe – PvE Conflict Official server #1036 – Europe – PvE Conflict Official server

We're bringing back PvE Conflict servers!

RSS | en | 10 мая 2018 в 17:53
Hello everyone!It’s been a very hectic but also very exciting few days for us here at Funcom and I’m sure for all of you playing as well! It’s amazing seeing so many people joining us after launch, but all this interest has also created some

PvE Conflict Change + EVEN MORE SERVERS!!

RSS | en | 09 мая 2018 в 18:29
Hail, Exiles!It’s thrilling to see so many Exiles surviving, building, and dominating since launch, and we truly, sincerely appreciate your support through the first day. What a tremendous response in the past 24 hours!It has not been without its