Conan Exiles → Update 23: Dominate with the Trebuchet!

Last week we added the dye system to Conan Exiles, letting you color of your clothes and armor to create your own look, and soon you can explore an all new and brutal dungeon in the sewers beneath the Unnamed city. But this week we are introducing
Conan Exiles, 30 марта 2017 в 21:52

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Now available: The Savage Frontier Pack

RSS | en | 09 октября 2018 в 17:41
Experience all new content from the savage boundaries of civilization, where Pictish warriors summon brutal beasts to do their bidding. your settlement and fortress from the new Frontier set of

PC Exploit Hotfix (03.10.2018)

RSS | en | 03 октября 2018 в 14:56
Hey everyone,We've released a quick hotfix to take care of some abused exploits reported by the community. <div class="bb_h1">Changelog:</div> Fixed an exploit where players could duplicate items using thrallsFixed an issue where shooting a

PC Hotfix (20.09.2018)

RSS | en | 20 сентября 2018 в 12:05
Hey folks!We’re releasing a quick hotfix to PC to take care of a recently abused exploit.<div class="bb_h1">Changelog:</div> Fixed exploits used to circumvent damage restrictions

Call to Arms TestLive Event to win DLC Keys!

RSS | en | 07 сентября 2018 в 19:35
<div class="bb_h1">This is a call to arms!</div>It’s that time again: we’re doing a special TestLive event! We are currently patching the TestLive server with the latest update for the new mechanics.Everyone joining us between 7th of September 2018

TestLive Update [01.09.2018]

RSS | en | 02 сентября 2018 в 19:45
Happy Saturday Exiles!We have a new set of changes for you guys and girls on TestLive.Let me take this opportunity to once more thank you all for your help in working with us so closely.We are running some performance tests on TestLive which is the

Weekly Community Newsletter: Testlive Updates

RSS | en | 22 августа 2018 в 18:12
<div class="bb_h1">Welcome back, true believers! We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and are living your best life possible.</div>This past week was busy for us over here, with plenty of patches and updates across all platforms. We rolled out a

US Server Maintenance

RSS | en | 21 августа 2018 в 15:45
Hello all! \o/Just a heads up. G-Portal will be performing maintenance and rolling restarts on many US servers on Wednesday, August 22nd. Each server is estimated to go down for approximately 20 minutes, and each server will be worked on one-by-one.

PC Hotfix (17.08.2018)

RSS | en | 17 августа 2018 в 14:04
Hey everyone!We’re releasing a small hotfix for the PC version of Conan Exiles with some quick fixes for some high priority issues that needed taking care of after the most recent patch.<div class="bb_h1">Changelog:</div> Fixed an issue where