Fractured Space → Weekly MVP’s – 21st April 2017

Welcome to a new weekly post regarding Fractured Space’s most valuable players. Each week we will be highlighting the Top 25 players from 3 groups with the top of each group becoming “The Real MVP’s”: Challenger: Levels 0 – 20 Rising Star: Levels
Fractured Space, 21 апреля 2017 в 19:21

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Стартовала Fractured Space

Стартовала Fractured Space

Интересное|23 сентября 2016 в 18:32
Fractured Space, космическая MOBA от Edge Case Games Ltd., которая находилась в Steam в раннем доступе почти два года, наконец официально стартовала.

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Earn Gold pods in the Dirty Dozen

Сайт | en | 13 июля 2017 в 16:01
Play 12 games over the weekend and earn yourself an extra three Gold Drop Pods. Starting at 5pm UTC on Thursday July 13 and running through to 5pm UTC on Monday July 17, we’ll be tracking the number of games you play. You’ll earn a Gold pod after

KillerPigeon’s Mystery Revenge

Сайт | en | 08 июня 2017 в 11:03
Community manager KillerPigeon has crafted three separate challenges for Fractured Space players this weekend – and is not revealing what they are. “I’ll let you know each day,” he said, growling from under his cowl. What we have found out is that

Caesar’s Garage Sale

Сайт | en | 01 июня 2017 в 12:42
We have a four day sale starting at 5pm UTC today (Thursday June 1st) until 5pm UTC Monday June 5th. Both Credit and Platinum prices will reduced by 20%. Each day will feature a discount on different items – Day 1, which lasts until 5pm UTC on

Time for the Trident Challenge

Сайт | en | 24 мая 2017 в 16:13
This weekend hails the debut of our multi-challenge events. The Trident Challenge gives you three options you can choose to complete. We’ve even added an extra day to the event to give you a better opportunity to do all three. 10 Wins earns a

Zarek Weekend

Сайт | en | 17 мая 2017 в 12:34
If you are a fan of Zarek Industrial, then we have a weekend for you. Complete five matches (co-op or PvP) between 5pm UTC Thursday May 18th and 5pm UTC Monday May 22nd in any Zarek ship (or ships), and you earn yourself three Gold Drop pods. All

Kill Count Weekend

Сайт | en | 09 мая 2017 в 16:30
It’s time for a Kill Count weekend – where we measure total community takedowns – from 5pm UTC Thu May 11th to 5pm UTC Mon May 15th. We’ll be tracking the total of all takedowns in Co-op and PvP matches and have the following targets and prizes:

New Details on Quick Play

Сайт | en | 04 мая 2017 в 19:02
Since the announcement of the new Quick Play feature last week, we’ve seen a lot of discussion surrounding it, with some really useful feedback. It’s been great for us to have been able to hear from players of all sorts of different match

TDS weekend

Сайт | en | 02 мая 2017 в 17:35
If you have one or more of those sleek Titan Defence Systems ships in your hangar then you may may want to head into action this weekend. Complete five matches (co-op or PvP) between 5pm UTC Thursday May 4th and 5pm UTC Monday May 8th in any TDS