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From his origins in the original Quake, to his time spent in the bloody halls of Quake III Arena, Ranger is a legendary character who’s returning to once again wreak havoc in the arenas of Quake Champions. With his Dire Orb active ability Ranger can
Quake Champions, 03 мая 2017 в 17:55

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QuakeCon - $1M Quake World Championships!

YouTube | en | 27 августа 2017 в 02:28
Watch the Quake World Championships, recorded live at QuakeCon 2017! Players from around the globe competed for a chance to take home part of a $1 million prize pool! Learn more about Quake on http://Quake.com. Facebook - http://Facebook.com/Quake

Early Access Now Available - Quake Champions

YouTube | en | 22 августа 2017 в 23:04
Quake Champions has exited its Closed Beta phase and officially entered into Early Access on Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher. With the kickoff of Early Access, the game has received a whole host of content, including new maps, features and a

Quake Champions – Lockbox Arena Trailer

YouTube | en | 12 июня 2017 в 07:57
Lockbox is currently playable in the Quake Champions Beta. Signups are still open, so come join us in the Arena: https://beth.games/2oYzJpu Nothing is more fun than luring your enemies into a trap, and that’s exactly what Lockbox is perfect for.

Quake Champions – Sorlag Champion Trailer

YouTube | en | 24 мая 2017 в 16:54
Sorlag was born and bred for one purpose: Hunt the warmbloods. After being pulled into the Dreamlands, she continues to hone her skills, tracking down her opponents in the Arenas and slaughtering them without mercy. With her toxic acid spit, she’s

Quake Champions – Introducing Duel Mode

YouTube | en | 17 мая 2017 в 16:55
Quake Champions is a frenetic test of skill and the ultimate competitive game. The purest form of this proving ground is Duel mode, a 1-v-1 showdown to decide who is best, once-and-for-all. Check out our video showcasing Quake Champions’ new Duel