LawBreakers → LawBreakers | Launch Showdown Match #2

In early August, nearly 100 Twitch and YouTube Stars journeyed to Los Angeles for the chance to play LawBreakers. At the end of each day, 10 of the best were chosen to face off in a final series of matches. This footage is from these final showdowns
LawBreakers, 12 августа 2017 в 17:32

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Lawbreakers Hotfix2 1 1 Explained

YouTube | en | 08 декабря 2017 в 21:05
Some of our players have been asking for more information about what exactly was adjusted with projectiles in Hotfix 2.1.1. So we've made a video just for you! Join Principal Gameplay Engineer, Nathan Wulf from Boss Key HQ as he breaks down the

Have Your Thanksgiving with Boss Key

YouTube | en | 23 ноября 2017 в 01:48
Want to have your Thanksgiving Day meal with Boss Key? Well now you can! Set your phone, tablet or whatever at your table of choice and play this video! It's like Rohan and John are really there! Boss Key Twitter:

LawBreakers | Namsan Map Overview

YouTube | en | 21 сентября 2017 в 19:30
The inaugural post-launch map release is Namsan, the first map set outside a post-shattering United States. Be sure to say hello to the map's mascot, Spacey! As with everything map, mode, and class related in LawBreakers, all players who own the