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Crowfall - Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for September

YouTube | en | 12 сентября 2018 в 19:28
Design Director Thomas Blair was joined by Principal Game Designer Mark Halash for our regularly scheduled Pre-Alpha 5 Live! During this stream, they discussed tweaks to the brand new combat log as well as the implementation of the wildcrafting

Crowfall - ACE Q&A for September

YouTube | en | 04 сентября 2018 в 18:20
Design Lead Thomas Blair is joined by Creative Director J Todd Coleman for another ACE Q&A video. They dive into some combat questions that have popped up while players are busy testing the 5.7.1 build. They talk a bit about stats, weapons, powers,

Crowfall - Inside Look at Sound Design

YouTube | en | 30 августа 2018 в 18:09
Pooling from some unusual sources, including a swarm of bees and the wringing of the sleeve on a leather jacket, Sound Designer Bobby Moen weaves layers of sound together to produce audio magic. Join us and become part of the Crowfall community!

Crowfall - Eternal Champions

YouTube | en | 28 августа 2018 в 18:08
“Glory, Wealth and Power” are the forces that drive every Eternal Champion to press further, fight harder and dig deeper. All of these rewards can be yours in Crowfall! Join us and become part of the Crowfall community! Crowfall is currently in

Crowfall - Eternal Kingdoms Showcase

YouTube | en | 28 августа 2018 в 18:08
Take an aerial tour of some of the most breath-taking Eternal Kingdoms to grace the world of Crowfall. Stunners like Srathor’s Lawn and the Cities of Ravenheart are marvelous examples of function and finesse coming together to create an EK that

Crowfall - Crowfall Q&A Live for August 2018

YouTube | en | 22 августа 2018 в 23:13
Development for features planned for Pre-Alpha 5.8 is underway! In the August edition of the Crowfall Q&A live stream on the Official Crowfall Twitch channel, game designers Thomas Blair and Mark Halash gave a sneak peek at the early iterations of

Crowfall - Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for August

YouTube | en | 16 августа 2018 в 00:38
Pre-Alpha 5 Live! returned on Tuesday, August 14th at 11am Central. With our normal hosts otherwise occupied, the Art Department decided to take over this month's livestream! Art Lead Dave Greco joined the stream to show off the current progress on

Crowfall - ACE Q&A for August

YouTube | en | 07 августа 2018 в 18:18
Questions for the ACE Q&A video series are taken from the ACE Dev Partners forum, an exclusive forum area for Crowfall® backers at the Ruby level and higher. Design Lead Thomas Blair and Principal Game Designer Mark Halash return for another ACE

Crowfall - 5.7 Milestone Overview

YouTube | en | 31 июля 2018 в 18:20
The Crowfall® team was busy with the 5.7 milestone! One of the most exciting updates is our first procedurally generated world: Aerynth. This world includes separate zones and the addition of runegates to travel between the mainland and the faction

Crowfall - Crowfall Q&A Live! for July

YouTube | en | 25 июля 2018 в 01:06
Our monthly Crowfall® Q&A Live returned Tuesday, July 24th at 11am CDT. With our regular Q&A host, Thomas Blair, out of the office, we conscripted Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal for this month's livestream! He's here to show off the new