Marvel Heroes Omega → Spooky Loot Box Now Available!

Today our Spooky Loot Box hits the in-game store with a host of new costumes fit for the spookiest season of the year: Moon Knight - Earth X Costume Black Cat - Pop Star Costume Venom - Toxin Costume Blade - Original Costume Hulk - Revengers
Marvel Heroes, 12 октября 2017 в 19:19

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Marvel Heroes Omega Shutting Down

Сайт | en | 15 ноября 2017 в 23:00
We’re sad to inform our players and our entire Marvel Heroes family that Marvel Heroes Omega will be shutting down. The Marvel Heroes servers will stay on until Dec 31, 2017, and we’ll be removing real money purchases as soon as possible. Players

Black Bolt Now Available on Console!

Сайт | en | 05 октября 2017 в 19:50
Strike from the shadows with Elektra! The master combatant launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today! The king of Attilan may not have as much to say as the other 42 playable Marvel Heroes Omega characters but, thanks to his ability to

Apocalypse Awakens!

Сайт | en | 28 сентября 2017 в 12:28
New Content Pits the Entire Marvel Universe Against New Original Horsemen Forms for Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik; Also Introduces Omega Trial, Omega Difficulty and Omega Items! A new Age of Apocalypse is dangerously imminent in our Age of

Venom Available on Console through Sept 27!

Сайт | en | 14 сентября 2017 в 18:03
For a Limited Time, Venom Unleashes the Power of the Symbiote in Marvel Heroes Omega on Consoles! Available now through Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Lethal Protector brings his own brand of anti-heroism to consoles as the game’s 42nd playable character.

LAST CHANCE! Hell's Kitchen Loot Box

Сайт | en | 08 сентября 2017 в 22:00
Update - LAST CHANCE! This Loot Box will be removed from the September 14th. The Hell's Kitchen Loot Box is now available! The Hell's Kitchen Loot Box offers chances to unlock costumes for Daredevil, Elektra, Luke Cage and more! The Hell's Kitchen

Marvel's CA: CW Loot Box Now Available!

Сайт | en | 08 сентября 2017 в 00:56
Introducing the Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Loot Box! Available now, the Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Loot Box offers chances to unlock costumes for Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, and more! The Marvel's Captain

Hero & Costume BOGO Sale Returns on PC!

Сайт | en | 07 сентября 2017 в 17:29
Buy One, Get One. Free. Our Super Hero and Costume BOGO sale is back once again for a limited time on PC! Purchase any individual hero or costume and get a random one FREE! For full details on this promotion, please read the F.A.Q. Language