Gigantic → This Week In Gigantic - October 12, 2017

The October update for Gigantic releases next week! Join AKAAmandaKane and SoFech for a preview of what's to come! Be sure to tune in to the update preview stream on Monday, October 16th for the full update notes and a rundown of all of the new and
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Gigantic: Season of Souls Update Preview VOD

YouTube | en | 18 октября 2017 в 03:29
Join SoFech and D4rth as they highlight the newest features of the Season of Souls update! Including Ezren Ghal, Ember Grove, new skins, player profile icons, and more! Learn more: Like:

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Ezren Ghal

YouTube | en | 17 октября 2017 в 22:00
Ezren Ghal is a necromancer who's spent many lifetimes gathering the knowledge and souls that sustain him. Check out his skills and playstyle in this Hero Overview, and try out Ezren Ghal in our "Season of Souls" update, releasing tomorrow! Learn

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Mozu

YouTube | en | 04 октября 2017 в 21:30
Mozu is a mischievous goblin who dreams of becoming a great wizard. Her powers come from the magic wands that she stole from wizards who rejected her as an apprentice. With a little cunning, Mozu can overcome any obstacle! Learn more:

Gigantic: Charnok - Trials of Fire

YouTube | en | 04 октября 2017 в 00:47
Every drakkor who dreamed of becoming a mage had to first train as a disciple of flame. The Trials of Fire skin for Charnok is available now! Learn more: Like: Follow:

Gigantic: Uncle Sven - Floral Festivities

YouTube | en | 27 сентября 2017 в 00:01
Crazy effects or bad side effects? An alchemist's work is never done. The Floral Festivities skin for Uncle Sven is available now! Learn more: Like: Follow:

Gigantic: Creature Preview - Riftborn Cyclops

YouTube | en | 25 сентября 2017 в 21:15
Employ the power of the rift with the Riftborn Cyclops - The most magical creature to enter the Gigantic battleground! Learn more: Like: Follow: Watch:

Gigantic: Wu - Wave Hello

YouTube | en | 19 сентября 2017 в 23:04
"There are those outside of these walls, as well as within them, that would lead you astray." - Master Wei The 'Wave Hello' skin for Wu is available now! Learn more: Like: Follow:

Gigantic: Creature Preview - Stone Cerberus

YouTube | en | 19 сентября 2017 в 21:57
Don't be fooled by the cute demeanor of the pup. The Stone Cerberus is rougher, tougher, and more hard-headed than its counterparts. Introducing the Stone Cerberus! Learn more: Like:

This Week In Gigantic - September 14, 2017

YouTube | en | 14 сентября 2017 в 20:10
Welcome the Gigantic's brand new 'Into Solitude' update! We're celebrating the release of Rutger, new monk themed skins, Guardian Area, and more. Learn all about it in Episode 12 of 'This Week In Gigantic'! Interested in Guardian Arena? Check out

Gigantic: Hero Overview - Rutger

YouTube | en | 12 сентября 2017 в 19:00
Rutger is an ancient warden of the plains, who controls the terrain to protect the land at all costs. With low health, but a very large shield, Rutger brings a different type of tank combat style to the Gigantic roster. Check out his Hero Overview