Sea of Thieves → Official Sea of Thieves #BeMorePirate Trailer

Tying in with the release of Xbox One X, here's the latest trailer for Rare's shared world adventure Sea of Thieves in all its ocean-going glory. Enjoy sampling just some of the piratical pleasures that lie in wait! #BeMorePirate today and race with
Sea of Thieves, 16 ноября 2017 в 20:30

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Bilge Rat Adventures #1: Skeleton Thrones

YouTube | en | 14 июня 2018 в 18:00
Today we launch our first Bilge Rat Adventure! Test your skill and teamwork to reach the Skeleton Thrones and earn yourself Bilge Rat doubloons to spend on cosmetics or XP. Learn more at Buy the game

Sea of Thieves: Official E3 2018 Trailer

YouTube | en | 10 июня 2018 в 23:29
Sea of Thieves' world continues to evolve in the wake of The Hungering Deep. Over the next few months, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores will deliver new features, declare new challenges and demonstrate new threats. At E3 2018, we ask what details