Raiders of the Broken Planet → #DevShouts - Character focus: Shae [Spanish]

Shae es una experimentada guerrera que ha dejado su tierra atrás para luchar contra los invasores humanos y devolver así la gloria a su casa. En este #DevShout, Álvaro Daza nos da consejos sobre cómo jugar con Shae y cuáles son sus armas y cartas
Raiders of The Broken Planet, 12 января 2018 в 15:18

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#DevShouts - Character focus: Shae

YouTube | en | 12 января 2018 в 15:20
Shae is an experienced warrior who left behind her land to fight against the invaders and give her former house its glory back. In this chapter of our #DevShouts series, Álvaro Daza gives advise on how to play with Shae and using her special

Inside Raiders #03 - Wardog Fury Dev's Update

YouTube | en | 24 ноября 2017 в 22:33
Raiders of the Broken Planet’s second campaign, Wardog Fury, launches on November 30, including 4 new epic mission and characters who will be joining the Raiders ranks in the next weeks. But exciting news as they are, those are not the only changes