The Elder Scrolls Online → The Elder Scrolls Online: Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2 is now available

Experience the sounds of adventure with The Elder Scrolls Online: Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2, now available online.
The Elder Scrolls Online, 12 января 2018 в 16:30

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Meet the Character – Xukas

Сайт | en | 16 октября 2018 в 15:01
Meet Xukas, one of Murkmire’s more enterprising locals. If you’re looking for a guide for your trip to Black Marsh’s southern coast, you’ll find no better – just keep your wits about you, as this clever Argonian certainly has a way with words.

Crown Store Showcase – October 2018

Сайт | en | 27 сентября 2018 в 16:20
The Witches Festival comes! Check out some fan-favorite masks, costumes, and polymorphs returning to the Crown Store for the spooky season in addition to a host of new furnishings for both ghoulish and genteel homeowners alike. Find them all and