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Warframe | Nezha Empyrean

YouTube | en | 13 сентября 2018 в 18:11
Descend from the heavens like a burning star to smite all challengers. The mythical Nezha Empyrean is available now on PC! We've also reworked Nezha’s kit! For a full list of these changes, please check out the Dev Workshop:

Warframe | The Pyrus Project - Play Now on PC

YouTube | en | 30 августа 2018 в 19:32
This limited-time event is live now on PC and coming soon to consoles! From August 30 to September 13, help Cressa Tal and the Steel Meridian rebuild the Strata Relay. Beware, Tenno: the Grineer will not make this easy for you. Sign up and play for

Warframe | Revenant Highlights

YouTube | en | 23 августа 2018 в 22:31
Afflicted by Sentient energy, Revenant rises from the Plains to prey on the weak and unwilling. Get the new Revenant Warframe along with new Reinforcements and Customizations in the Mask of the Revenant Update -- coming soon on PC!