Battalion 1944 → Update: Matchmaking Improvements & What's Next on The List!

Hey everyone!First of all - thank you so much for being patient and respectful to us developers, the majority of conversation has been very positive. We’ve been doing our best to communicate as much information to you all as possible, while we
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Patch Notes - 16th March 2018

RSS | en | 16 марта 2018 в 12:14
Hey everyone!This morning we released a small patch for Battalion 1944 that will mostly focus on map changes, tweaks and fixes.We want to thank everyone for their patience, support and compliments for our March 8th Major Update we released earlier

Main Client Update Live & More Fixes

RSS | en | 09 февраля 2018 в 19:41
Today we're pushing our main client update that we announced yesterday.AFTER 17:00 GMT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE YOUR GAME & LAUNCHER AND RESTART STEAM TO ENSURE YOUR UPDATE DOWNLOADSClick Here to Read The Changelog & Fix ListIf you are a

Week 1 Update & Pushing Back Competitive Play

RSS | en | 08 февраля 2018 в 20:11
The Week 1 Update is Coming Tomorrow!Tomorrow we’ll be releasing our big ‘Week 1 Update’ with a host of balance changes, quality of life changes and small bug fixes that’ll increase the stability and enjoyability of the game.There will be around 10

PSA: Client Update & Issues Explained!

RSS | en | 02 февраля 2018 в 04:34
Our programmers have been working insanely hard to get the server issues solved. We identified the issues we spoke about in our last update and we’ve been working on a fix!I wanted to speak to you all directly and apologize for the launch issues.

PSA: Addressing Current Server Issues

RSS | en | 02 февраля 2018 в 00:03
ADDRESSING ISSUES WITH INFLUX OF PLAYERSBattalion 1944 launched at 17:00 GMT and players were instantly put into games. Across that hour, Battalion has seen tens of thousands of players launch the game at once.During our beta we had over 4,000