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Jump in to our Thrones of Britannia Let's Play as we take a sneak peek at the unique early to mid-game challenges faced by one of the Welsh kingdoms, Gwined...Click here for the full video:
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, 09 марта 2018 в 18:01

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Allegiance Update Beta 2

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We've updated the Allegiance Update Beta!Take a look at what we've added and tweaked, including Decrees and some mechanics changes.If you haven't already opted in to the Allegiance Update Beta, now's the time!For the full breakdown, head over to the

Thrones of Britannia - out now!

RSS | en | 03 мая 2018 в 10:00
Thrones of Britannia is out now!Let us know which faction you're going to play first!If you need any help, then our support can be found here: Don't forget to update your drivers!