Citadel: Forged with Fire → Broomstick League Building Contest!

The fast paced, high-flying action of Broomstick League has finally arrived in Citadel, and with it comes an all new set of unique building pieces! To celebrate this major addition to the game’s build system we’ve decided to host a little contest.
Citadel: Forged with Fire, 13 марта 2018 в 22:18

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Broomstick League: Available Now!

RSS | en | 08 марта 2018 в 01:08
The roar of the crowd intensifies as you step through the gate and enter an arena surging with excitement and magic. Your pulse quickens as you take your position and stare down your opponents. This is the moment your House has been training for:

Broomstick League Preview: Free Build

RSS | en | 06 марта 2018 в 02:44
The release of our Broomstick League update is just around the corner! The fast-paced action of this new competitive game mode zooms its way into Citadel on Wednesday, March 7th.Build Arenas with New Structure PiecesWhile the update includes an

Broomstick League Preview: Arena Mode

RSS | en | 03 марта 2018 в 01:39
With the upcoming Broomstick League update on March 7th, we’ve decided to make the high-flying sports action available in two different ways. While you can unlock and build all the necessary items and structures in the game’s main sandbox – which is