Citadel: Forged with Fire → Broomstick League Building Contest!

The fast paced, high-flying action of Broomstick League has finally arrived in Citadel, and with it comes an all new set of unique building pieces! To celebrate this major addition to the game’s build system we’ve decided to host a little contest.
Citadel: Forged with Fire, 13 марта 2018 в 22:18

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Hotfix - 11/30/2018 - Auto Run & XP Fix

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Hello Wizards!We've launched a very small patch to address a few issues reported from Wednesday's patch. You'll find with this update that we've addressed the following: Fixed an issue with auto run not working Added an extra functionality to auto

Patch Notes - 10/18/2018 - Bug Fixes

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<div class="bb_h1">Good afternoon Wizards!</div>We’re putting out a small patch today to address some bugs introduced in last week's mega update. Since our last update, some players reported experiencing building issues while being part of a house.

Patch Notes - 09/19/2018 - Large NPC Pathing Fixes and More

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Patch Postponed - 08/29/2018

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Good Afternoon Wizards and Witches!We were looking to roll out a significant patch today but have unfortunately hit some last minute snags due to unforeseen instability. We will be rolling back the build until these issues are fixed.Stay tuned for

Patch Notes - 08/16/2018 - Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

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Happy Thursday Witches and Wizards of Ignus!We’re back at it patching up various bugs and implementing some significant balance changes to Citadel, many of which were fixed with the help of your feedback and support. Please note with all the changes

Patch Notes - 08/14/2018 - Server Crash Fixes

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Good afternoon, Wizards!It’s been almost 2 weeks since the launch of our huge Reignited update. We've been listening to your feedback and have been working to fix your reported bugs. As some of you may know, there were some crashes occurring on our