Battalion 1944 → New Character Models - Major Update 2

Introducing: New Character Models!Update 1 of 3Note: Colors/Camouflage are currently in development and may change/improve for better visibility prior to the release of MU2It’s time for a change and we’re happy to announce we are replacing the
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Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

​Square Enix объявила, что она достигла соглашения с британской студией Bulkhead Interactive и станет издателем онлайн-шутера Battalion 1944 о Второй мировой войне. Игра выйдет этим летом на PC, PlayStation 4 и Xbox One.
09 марта 2017 в 18:01

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Bulkhead Interactive Update

Hello everyone!As a team, we have been working hard on Battalion updates for the last 9 months. With every update, we’ve listened to the community’s wishes and opinions - and factored them into the adjustments we’ve made to the game. For us at
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Battalion 1944 - 2.5.3 Patch

<div class="bb_h1">Patch 2.5.3 Release!</div>We’re releasing a smallpatch to the game which will help improve some of the high priority issues seen in the previous Update 2.5.2 patch. <div class="bb_h1">Features</div>Amazon Game ServersWith Update
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Update 2.5.1 Hotfix

Hey all, thanks for trying out Update 2.5. This update was all about solidifying the base game for the future. We're collating all the bugs reported this weekend aiming for a small patch early next week. This is early access development in real time
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Update 2.5 Developer Preview

<div class="bb_h1">A major change to the Wartide economy design is coming</div>Today we’re ready to reveal what we’ve been working on and testing behind the scenes. We are gearing up for full release in February which is now just a few months away!
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New Sniper Cost

<div class="bb_h1">Changes to the economy</div>After watching teams battle it out in the qualifiers for the Blitzkrieg Masters in September, we have decided to push one change to the live game today.The cost of scoped sniper rifles is changing from
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Major Update 2 Details and more!

Major Update 2, Beta Test and release detailsAhead of the release of our next Major Update, players have been asking us to bring them in to help test the game before it’s pushed live to the world! There are lots of important dates in the run up to
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New Settings Menu Coming to MU2

The new settings menu gives players compete and full control of how their game looks, on a totally new levelMU2 Will feature a new settings menu!During release we had 2 massive requests, from the general consensus people wanted drastic visual
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Savoia examined & Updated weapon physics

Introducing Savoia and more!Some of you may have seen our previous update announcing our newest map - Savoia - coming to Battalion in June within our Major Update 2 Beta Testing Phase.Today we’re happy to show a little more of this map to you guys
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