Eternal → New Hero & Promo Quest: Svetya, Orene of Kosul

Caiphus and Argenport swore an oath to the rulers of the Kosul Empire. An oath they would uphold to Svetya, Orene of Kosul.Read the story of Svetya and her journey to Argenport.[]The Svetya, Orene of Kosul promo quest begins
Eternal, 16 мая 2018 в 20:58

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Into Shadow

RSS | en | 19 сентября 2018 в 20:56
A new Eternal campaign is coming soon![]23 new cards! 17 new single-player missions! Get ready to join Vara on her journey Into Shadow!

Downtime Notice: 1.38 Patch

RSS | en | 18 сентября 2018 в 17:57
DOWNTIME NOTICE: Eternal servers are down to apply the 1.38 Patch.Downtime will last around 2 more hours, and include a 900 MB patch download. Mobile users are encouraged to update via WiFi.

1.38 Patch Notes

RSS | en | 18 сентября 2018 в 17:45
<div class="bb_h1">1.38 Patch Notes</div>Onboarding CampaignUsers are now able to skip part of the onboarding campaign.Bug Fixes The Ashara premium avatar should now properly load on the playmat each game.The Six-Gun card back should no longer fail

Chapter 22: Distant Visions

RSS | en | 01 сентября 2018 в 02:06
The duel between Eilyn and Kaleb was ended by a sudden prophecy, but how do they respond to the summons from Talir? And what has troubled the mages of the Praxis Arcanum? Read Chapter 22: Distant Visions here![]

Announcing the new League: Distant Visions

RSS | en | 31 августа 2018 в 22:02
Following Talir’s cryptic warning, Eilyn and Kaleb journey to the distant Praxis Arcanum to consult with the mages there. Join their pilgrimage in next week’s Chapter 22: Distant Visions, and earn yourself a new premium card back! Learn more about

Balance Changes

RSS | en | 30 августа 2018 в 20:50
The ranked metagame has featured a fairly diverse mix of strategies this month, though Time decks have been a little over-represented, particularly Praxis. This month's changes feature some nerfs to a few Time cards, to help nudge it back in line

Introducing Interactive Twitch Drops!

RSS | en | 29 августа 2018 в 23:48
We’re excited to announce the Community Store, our innovative new program for giving out rewards to both viewers and streamers of Eternal. This program will use interactive Twitch drops that give out Influence, earnable points which you can use to

New Event: Here to Help!

RSS | en | 29 августа 2018 в 22:51
Leave your decks at home and bring some very helpful allies into battle! Each turn, you will play a new unit – all the way up to the mightiest units in the game. Use your forces wisely, and see if you can emerge victorious!Here to