Eternal → Patch Downtime Wednesday at 8am

Are you ready? Patch 1.35 is coming at 8am Mountain time tomorrow (Wednesday) with about a 5 hr downtime.
Eternal, 13 июня 2018 в 01:56

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Event: Sack the City!

RSS | en | 21 июня 2018 в 21:23
Argenport teeters on the brink of collapse…let the looting begin! Sack the City in this weekend's event[] and win The Fall of Argenport packs!

New Wallpaper: Lieutenant Relia

RSS | en | 20 июня 2018 в 19:19
While others fled the fall of Argenport, Lieutenant Relia charged toward the battle. She had something that precious few of the Crownwatch still possessed: faith in the city, and what it once stood for.Show your support for the Crownwatch with these

[Fall of Argenport] Winning Tactics

RSS | en | 15 июня 2018 в 23:18
During The Fall of Argenport, all sides hoisted their standards and implemented tactics to defend or attack the city in its final hours. Learn about Standards and Tactics in the latest preview article for The Fall of

Wallpaper: Rusty Grenamotive

RSS | en | 14 июня 2018 в 19:23
[]Grenadin have been acting strangely lately, some have been getting smarter…and some have gone Berserk[]!Get on the move with these Rusty Grenamotive wallpapers and social

1.35 Patch Notes

RSS | en | 13 июня 2018 в 23:11
General UpdatesThe Eternal mobile client has been rewritten to be a smaller initial download and to allow for content updates without the need to re-download the whole app.The tutorial has been re-designed, and starting campaigns have been