Planet Nomads → 0.9 New Tutorial & Storytelling System

Hello Nomads,After long weeks of polishing we have finally managed to release the new tutorial & storytelling system .If you want to taste the beginning of the story or the way how we want to teach new nomads basic game principles, just start
Planet Nomads, 13 июня 2018 в 13:48

Одной строкой о Planet Nomads Released Officially

RSS | en | 18 февраля 2019 в 16:30
Hello Nomads,We have just released update into official branch, so everyone can enjoy our latest features.The recap of changes follows.Tool changes: change in tool usage — now you can have multiple different Tools in the Hot Bar added in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 15 февраля 2019 в 16:53
Hello Nomads,We've just released a hotfix for yesterday's update to the Experimental Branch.Here is the list of bugs fixed: fixed error while switching from Mover Tool to other tool or block fixed loss of Weapons and Tools during update to in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 14 февраля 2019 в 15:51
Hello Nomads!The new update is on your way. You can try it in the Experimental branch.BUT BE CAREFUL!We have implemented save file compression and older versions of the game (prior to are incompatible with the new compressed saves. Released Officially

RSS | en | 14 января 2019 в 12:50
Hello Nomads,We have just released to the public official (ie. non-beta) branch.For clarity, here is the summary of changes made since last official release: updated Unity engine to 2018.2.20 fixed typing of weird characters with in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 10 января 2019 в 16:35
Hello Nomads,We have released a new update — We've built it with Unity 2018..2.20 engine which finally solved troubles with keyboard on Linux machines. Also we've made some tweaks of weather and FOV of cameras.Full list of changes: in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 08 января 2019 в 18:00
Hello Nomads,We've just released a little update with small tweaks: dehydration no longer affects your temperature shield changed frozen and heated vignette effect progression fixed intro with dynamic resolution enabled in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 07 января 2019 в 20:01
Hello Nomads,We have just released an update into Experimental branch. We wanted to fix some weather-related issues before dig fully into next big update. We were able to add the thermometer into the game UI as well.This update should be released

Steam Cloud Save

RSS | en | 03 января 2019 в 17:05
Hello Nomads and Welcome to 2019!We have just set up Steam Cloud Save features to Planet Nomads, so you are able to backup/transfer your saves between your computers or in case of reinstall.It is well tested steam feature, but if you encounter some In Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 17 декабря 2018 в 19:20
Hello Nomads,This is (I hope) the last experimental release before pushing 0.9.7 to the public.We have temporarily reduced the difficulty of survival in bad weather and cold and hot biomes. We realized from your feedback that it is hard to be there