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Loot to be shared with the arrival of Summer piñatas!
Runescape, 13 июня 2018 в 03:00

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RuneScape Recap - Jan-May 2018

YouTube | en | 22 июня 2018 в 18:49
Grab 3 months' membership for the price of 2 right here: It's been a fantastic first five months in Gielinor: with an all-new PvE challenge in Solak, our new group boss; an epic Clue Scrolls rework; the Pirate Quest

RuneScapeRuneScape - Loot from 1,000 Solak

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Mod Shauny uncovers the loot from 1,000 Solak kills for your viewing pleasure. Want a part of it? Play RuneScape for free: ----- Join our other communities! Join us on: Twitch - Reddit -

RuneScape Patch Notes #223 - 11th June 2018

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Play RuneScape Free: Patch Notes thread:,16,887,66018820 Mod Lee reviews some of this weeks Patch Notes. Join our communities! Follow, like and subscribe to us on: Twitter