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The thick trees of the Stagswood give way to this sparse plateau composed of stony fields and sloping foothills. Bitterly cold headwinds have shaped the monolithic sagastone pillars that dot the landscape, weeping eternally into mystical pools.
Rend, 28 июня 2018 в 02:49

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Play Rend's New PvP Game Mode Early

RSS | en | 08 ноября 2018 в 06:29
Since Rend’s first public-facing Alpha, the community has been asking for a version of the game that more closely resembles classic survival titles. In tandem with other Early Access roadmap[] features for Fall-Winter, the team’s

Rend Roadmap: Survival Game Modes

RSS | en | 06 ноября 2018 в 21:59
Since Rend’s first public-facing Alpha, players have been asking for a version of the game that more closely resembles classic survival titles. In parallel with Rend’s Early Access roadmap[] features for Fall-Winter, the team has

Introducing Our Newest Frostkeeper

RSS | en | 25 октября 2018 в 02:35
Frostkeep Studios continues to grow: join us in welcoming our nineteenth team member, Chris Thomas!Chris Thomas, Principal Software Engineer Chris Thomas has worked with Co-Founders Jeremy, Solomon, and Mat for the past 10 years at both Blizzard

Rend Early Access Patch 5.1: Patch Notes

RSS | en | 10 октября 2018 в 04:25
Patch 5.1 introduces gameplay improvements and bug fixes reported by the community and reflected on the Community Issues[] board. It also marks Rend's transition to Unreal Engine 4.20.General Updated Rend to Unreal Engine 4.20 from 4.19.

Help Localize Rend with Crowdin

RSS | en | 06 октября 2018 в 02:57
While the team works on bringing new features and gameplay improvements[] to Rend over the next weeks, you can help us by translating "ascension", "saga", and more than 30,000 other words into one of seven initial languages! A

Rend Community Issues Board Launched

RSS | en | 02 октября 2018 в 03:48
We have launched the Rend Community Issues board[] on Trello! Supplementing our other official communication channels, this board will serve as an at-a-glance view of our progress investigating and fixing top gameplay bugs and balance

Rend Early Access Patch 5: Patch Notes

RSS | en | 24 сентября 2018 в 05:25
Patch 5 introduces important changes to creature taming and movement along with other bug fixes reported by the Rend community. The extra week of development on Patch 5 was due to us working in parallel on making the leap from Unreal Engine 4.19 to

New Faces at Frostkeep Studios

RSS | en | 22 сентября 2018 в 02:19
While our news has been focused on Rend's development since entering Early Access, we're also excited to share that the Frostkeep Studios team is expanding! Meet the three new faces who you'll see at our convention booths and on our upcoming

Rend Early Access Patch 4.1: Patch Notes

RSS | en | 11 сентября 2018 в 20:44
Social Players in the same clan will not incur a faction reputation penalty for attacking each other. Players can now open the inventory of another player of the same faction if the target player is hostile. A faction member with a negative

Rend at PAX West 2018

RSS | en | 31 августа 2018 в 10:07
Rend's first summer convention season of Early Access continues with the Penny Arcade Expo that started it all: PAX West!Frostkeep Studios has partnered with Twitch to bring Rend to PAX West giving players, attendees, press, and influencers plenty