Rend → Alpha Roadmap: User Interface

Rend’s fourth Alpha roadmap[] feature is on the game's user interface which has been entirely redesigned over the course of Rend's Alpha. What started as monochromatic windows with inconsistent proportions has evolved into a cohesive
Rend, 08 июля 2018 в 06:28

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Alpha Roadmap: Character Redesign

RSS | en | 14 июля 2018 в 04:06
Rend’s fifth Alpha roadmap feature explores the full character redesign which goes far beyond nicer-looking models (though they certainly are). The all-new expandable character rig they're built around allows for a world of fresh customization and

Rend Early Access Begins July 31

RSS | en | 11 июля 2018 в 21:12
We are proud to announce that Rend will enter Early Access on Steam later this month. Beginning on Tuesday, July 31, you’ll be able to purchase Rend and join the community shaping the game along its journey to launch. We’d like to highlight our deep

Biomes of Rend: Dreadveil

RSS | en | 11 июля 2018 в 11:03
Growing like a pestilent tumor on the edge of the world, Dreadveil is a labyrinthine mushroom colony pervaded by the stench of decay and mildew. Bulbous caps atop spindly stalks blot out the sun and any errant shafts of withering light are choked by

Beasts of Rend: Roc

RSS | en | 29 июня 2018 в 19:27
Their squawk is unmistakable, a piercing cry across the plateau to scare off potential threats or orchestrate a flock’s attack. Rocs are the pack hunters of the Highlands, roaming the foothills in groups and led by a matriarch, larger both in size

Biomes of Rend: Highlands

RSS | en | 28 июня 2018 в 02:49
The thick trees of the Stagswood give way to this sparse plateau composed of stony fields and sloping foothills. Bitterly cold headwinds have shaped the monolithic sagastone pillars that dot the landscape, weeping eternally into mystical pools.

Beasts of Rend: Glutt

RSS | en | 23 июня 2018 в 21:04
Legends tell of a monstrous toad-like creature that dwells deep in the heart of Myrkfen[]. Glutts, so named for the guttural sound of their deafening croak, are rumored to tower over fortress walls and make the ground quake just by

Alpha Roadmap: Taming System

RSS | en | 22 июня 2018 в 21:41
Rend’s third Alpha roadmap[] feature is on the taming system which allows players to capture and train (nearly) all of the creatures in Rend. Your once-feral, now-friendly companion will loyally battle alongside you as well as

Biomes of Rend: Myrkfen

RSS | en | 21 июня 2018 в 06:08
Whatever you do, don’t drink the water. The fetid swamp is miasma of vexation that can ensnare and wither away even the hardiest adventurers. Rotting vegetation fills the air with a permeating ochre haze, making it easy to stumble into a thornwood

Developer Letter: Rend Alpha Update

RSS | en | 20 июня 2018 в 05:04
Time sure does fly when we’re all having fun! Feels like just yesterday we were kicking off Alpha[], relaunching the Rend website[], and opening the official Rend forums[]. Since that time, we’ve