Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds → PUBG Global Invitational 2018: Introducing the OC, SA, and MENA Teams

Congrats to The Chief Exports Club, Savage Esports, and Oyun Hizmetleri for besting the competition and earning the right to represent their regions at the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin. Watch them battle for the ultimate Chicken Dinner July 25
Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds, 11 июля 2018 в 22:24

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PGI Charity Showdown

RSS | en | 19 июля 2018 в 20:10
Hey everyone,We’ve talked a lot about PGI and the 20 teams that will be competing for their share of the $2 million USD prize pool, but we haven’t talked much about some of the other events happening during the tournament. Today, we’re announcing

PGI Ringside Crate Giveaway 2: The Return

RSS | en | 19 июля 2018 в 11:08
We're back with more Ringside Crates!To add your name to the list, follow these simple instructions: Click on this Survey link[] Enter your in-game name (PUBG name, not your Steam name) into the Survey (there's only 1 question).

Event Mode: Metal Rain Returns!

RSS | en | 19 июля 2018 в 04:20
Hey everyone,Metal Rain is returning to PUBG in this week’s event mode! As before, players will be able to call either an armored UAZ or a special care package by using flare guns found throughout the map. Gather your friends or join a random group

PGI Ringside Crate Giveaway

RSS | en | 18 июля 2018 в 21:06
Hey everyone,As we detailed earlier this week, there will be several different PGI themed skin sets available between now and the end of the tournament. The first of these is the Ringside Crate and that giveaway is going on NOW!To claim your

PC 1.0 Update #18

RSS | en | 17 июля 2018 в 10:50
Hey everyone,PUBG 1.0 patch #18 has just been deployed to test servers. This patch features a new, Sanhok-exclusive DMR and vehicle, as well as custom matches for everyone via the new custom match open beta. As always, the patch will deploy to live

Custom Match Update - Open Beta Test

RSS | en | 17 июля 2018 в 10:32
Hi everyone,Earlier this year, we promised to make custom matches available for more players. As our first towards fulfilling that promise and as a start, we’re making custom match access available to everyone on our test servers. Our plan is to