Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds → PUBG Global Invitational 2018: Introducing the OC, SA, and MENA Teams

Hi everyone,The road to PGI 2018 continues as we announce the three teams joining the Invitational from the OC / SA / MENA region! Esports Club - The longest standing roster in
Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds, 11 июля 2018 в 23:01

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Event Mode: One Gun Warrior

RSS | en | 25 октября 2018 в 05:24
Lock and load warrior, because this week’s event mode puts your skills with a single weapon to the test! In One Gun Warrior, you’ll start out with a weapon kit immediately upon drop. You’ll have to scavenge ammo and other supplies, but no weapons

PUBG - PC Update #23 - Patch Notes Breakdown

YouTube | en | 25 октября 2018 в 00:21
PC Patch #23 is now available on the Live Server. This patch includes a brand new full-auto pistol, the new Conquest Mode Custom Game setting, improvements to custom games in general, and other bug and quality of life fixes. Full patch notes:

PUBG Halloween Skins Now Available!

RSS | en | 24 октября 2018 в 04:42
Frightfully fun Halloween costumes are coming to PUBG! Starting after maintenance, you can pick up the Killer Clown, Maniacal Butcher, Ancient Mummy, and Bloody Nurse costumes in the PUBG store. Each set will be sold in individual pieces or as a

PUBG - New Skins - Halloween

YouTube | en | 22 октября 2018 в 04:06
Guess what's for tonight's dinner? Courtesy of... the Survival Squad of Horrors. Happy Halloween, everyone! Come haunt the battlegrounds with us soon, with our new Halloween skins.