Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds → Event Mode: Hunters and Marksmen Returns!

Hey everyone!After a weekend of hot dropping to fallen care packages and close quarters havoc, it became clear that once simply wasn’t enough for War Mode: Huntsmen and Marksmen. As before, players will be kitted out with a shotgun and pistol, with
Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds, 12 июля 2018 в 00:24

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2019 NPL Esports Structure

Hey everyone,Earlier this month, we introduced the National PUBG League (NPL), North America’s pro league for PUBG Esports. As we move closer to Phase 1, we wanted to outline the overall structure of the league and how the season will play out. Each
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PC 1.0 Update #23.1

This update to patch 23 fixes some bugs and updates the emote system, introducing a new customizable emote wheel and three new emotes. We're also testing a new Name Change item before it deploys as a paid store item on live. If you wish to change
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