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33% OFF! Scroll of Premium Bonus for 30 days

RSS | en | 16 августа 2018 в 15:48
Limited Offer! Scroll of Premium Bonus for 30 days with 33% discount.Discount price - 2000 gold instead of 3000!What you get:10 x Small Potion of Craftsman's Insight and Battle Focus.+ 50% to the growth of all skills and characteristics.+ 100% speed

Changed rewards in the chests!

RSS | en | 08 августа 2018 в 12:11
Changed rewards in Bronze, Iron and Steel chests.Chests and keys can be collected from corpses, treasures, godsends, or purchased in the in-game store.In the game there are three types of chests, each of which can be opened only with the appropriate