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Find out how to get started tanking in The Elder Scrolls Online and more with this hand-picked selection of new guides and builds from the ESO community.
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Murkmire and Update 20 Preview

Сайт | en | 13 сентября 2018 в 15:09
Venture into Black Marsh and experience Argonian culture like never before in Murkmire, The Elder Scrolls Online’s next DLC game pack. Explore what’s coming with this new zone and learn about the Update 20 base-game pack in this preview article.

Crown Store Showcase – September 2018

Сайт | en | 29 августа 2018 в 16:10
Monstrous new weapons, noble steeds, and Orc-themed attire are just some the new items you can acquire from the Crown Store this September. Preview all the new pets, mounts, styles, costumes, and more coming soon in our latest Crown Store Showcase.