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Hello Nomads,Current update does not bring new features, it's just "under the hood" improvements - this is the first time we built the game with new engine - Unity 2018.1. We do not use the full potential yet, we've just managed to fix all the code
Planet Nomads, 12 июля 2018 в 19:37

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Reverting back to

RSS | en | 16 июля 2018 в 21:07
Hello Nomads,We are very sorry about it but our last two updates introduced more troubles than improvements, so we decided to roll back to release.We need some more time to put things in order. Now, we are unsure if we'll find solution to Hotfix

RSS | en | 13 июля 2018 в 21:53
Hello Nomads,You've probably noticed problems with cursor not locking in the last release. It's a known bug in Unity 2018.1, so we build today update with Unity 2018.2 and added some tweaks. It should be better now, but far from ideal. It also means Bugfix Release

RSS | en | 26 июня 2018 в 18:35
Hello Nomads,Are you enjoying the Steam Summer Sale? We expected many new nomads to join us during the sale and this is why we prepared the new tutorial.However, it really bothers us that about a half of players who started the tutorial have not

0.9 New Tutorial & Storytelling System

RSS | en | 13 июня 2018 в 13:48
Hello Nomads,After long weeks of polishing we have finally managed to release the new tutorial & storytelling system .If you want to taste the beginning of the story or the way how we want to teach new nomads basic game principles, just start

Main Menu Background Contest

RSS | en | 07 июня 2018 в 15:18
Hello Nomads,We need some new content for our steam page and other marketing purposes. And want you to participate on this! We are making a showcase of what is possible to build in Planet Nomads, so we are talking about some megalomaniac builds, Bugfix Release

RSS | en | 04 июня 2018 в 15:10
Hello Nomads,In this release we did just a small bugfix for joint locking mechanism. There was a problem when you loaded locked joint, it returned to its original position. Now it should stay in position you saved it. Bugfix Release

RSS | en | 03 мая 2018 в 16:57
Hello Nomads,These days we are busy preparing the new tutorial and story quests, so only small changes and bugfixes are part of this release.Here is the complete list: maximum stack size was increased to 100 ghost block is less transparent for Hotfix

RSS | en | 13 апреля 2018 в 17:34
Hello Nomads,Sadly, last release had a very serious bug that caused save corruption in some cases with automatic miners. As a result active block data wasn't saved and active blocks were missing after the load. This hotfix addresses that issue, but

0.8.12 Hot Bars Merged

RSS | en | 12 апреля 2018 в 16:16
Hello Nomads,After long discussions inside the team and with some of you on the forums, we have decided that we do not longer need two different hot bar types. So we removed that short four slot hot bar from the game and you can use building hot