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Hello Nomads,Current update does not bring new features, it's just "under the hood" improvements - this is the first time we built the game with new engine - Unity 2018.1. We do not use the full potential yet, we've just managed to fix all the code
Planet Nomads, 12 июля 2018 в 19:37

Одной строкой о Planet Nomads Hotfix

Hello Nomads,There was very annoying bugs in yesterday's update, so we are bringing this hotfix.Here is the list of fixes: Emergency Printer: fixed "no electricity" bug Emergency Printer: fixed error when loading saves with deleted printer 3D
RSS | en | 01 ноября 2018 в 16:59 Bug Fixes

Hello Nomads,The new release of Planet Nomads is here! This time we have added just some longly awaited bugfixes and optimizations. So without further delay, here is the full list:Bug fixes SandyEngine: fixed holes in generated terrain meshes on
RSS | en | 31 октября 2018 в 16:42 Hotfix

Hello Nomads,We are here today with one little update. We have reduced the emission of wheels, updated the Unity engine and added some other minor tweaks.Here is the full list of changes: updated Unity engine to 2018.2.7f1 reduced light emission
RSS | en | 10 октября 2018 в 14:45 Gleaming Wheels

Hello Nomads,After some technical difficulties we have finally managed to build and upload a new update for the game. You can enjoy little design change on wheels - they are now backlit, so you can easily see which ones are powered properly.There is
RSS | en | 01 октября 2018 в 16:58 Terminal in Cockpit

Hello Nomads,We have just released an update that allows you to comfortably use a terminal directly from a cockpit. No more exiting the cockpit and searching for a terminal. To do it, you need to build a terminal on your vehicle, and connect it to
RSS | en | 18 сентября 2018 в 16:47 Hotfix

Hello Nomads,Some of you have experienced issues trying to build a blueprints containing Interior Cockpit. We've found the cause and released a hotfix now.List of changes: fixed building blueprints with Interior Cockpit modified weights of new
RSS | en | 14 сентября 2018 в 15:40 New Cockpits

Hello Nomads,New update is here and we have some blocks for you. Especially new Cockpits. You can see one of them on top of Bipolar Bear's blueprint in the picture above. In addition to speedometer, all Cockpits now have an alitmeter.We have also
RSS | en | 12 сентября 2018 в 16:36 Hotfix

Hello Nomads,Today we have just a tiny update with some minor bugfixes for you. fixed missing blueprint thumbnails on Linux fixed inaccurate solar panel power calculation
RSS | en | 31 августа 2018 в 13:23 Blueprint Update

Hello Nomads,After time, here we are again with new update for Planet Nomads. We have finally managed to fix bugs caused by upgrading the engine. Hopefully it will resolve all of your issues, so we also removed the unity2018 branch.In this version
RSS | en | 29 августа 2018 в 15:21 Beta Branch

Hello Nomads,We have received a great feedback on build from you. This is the version build in Unity 2018. Some of you reported bugs while other didn't experienced them and consider the newer version the better.We have reverted back the main
RSS | en | 25 июля 2018 в 12:05