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PGI 2018 is now less than 2 weeks away and we’re continuing to announce the teams representing each area of the world. Today, we’re announcing the three teams joining the Invitational from the EU region! Congrats to Team Liquid, WTSG, and the
Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds, 12 июля 2018 в 23:38

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PUBG - New Feature - Canted Sight

YouTube | en | 01 февраля 2019 в 21:19
Canted Sight allows users to quickly switch between the 1x Canted Sight and your normal upper rail sight. This gives users a direct advantage when switching between ranged and close quarters combat as they no longer have to lose vision of opponents

PUBG - Nugget of the Week - Episode 3

YouTube | en | 01 февраля 2019 в 02:59
This Nugget of the Week episode is all about variety. Whether it's Kaymind running out of mousepad, Shroud narrowly avoiding death, or even chocoTaco owning with the crossbow; all these nuggets are noteworthy in PUBG.

PUBG - Vikendi: New Feature - Moonlight

YouTube | en | 31 января 2019 в 20:56
The battlegrounds of Vikendi just got a bit more hauntingly beautiful. Land, loot, and survive, all under the wondrous light of the moon. Available now on PC Live Servers. See Patch Note #25:

PUBG - Patch Report - PC Update #25

YouTube | en | 31 января 2019 в 10:47
Along with loot balance changes, we’re introducing some great new content to Vikendi with Patch #25, including a new weapon, attachment, and the long-awaited Moonlight weather setting. Read the full patch notes here:

Update #25 - Now Live!

RSS | en | 31 января 2019 в 09:46
PUBG's latest content release, Update #25, is now available on live servers.You can take a look at some of what Update #25 has to offer in the Patch Preview Video below. For full patch notes, check out this

PUBG - New Feature - Bizon

YouTube | en | 29 января 2019 в 21:03
The Bizon is quieter and quicker than other SMGs, and comes equipped with a monstrous 53-round default capacity. Pick one up today, now on test servers. Arriving with Patch Update #25. See Patch Note #25:

PUBG - Vikendi: Quick Tips - Episode 3

YouTube | en | 28 января 2019 в 21:01
First time dropping into Vikendi? Buckle up for a series of quick tips on surviving Vikendi's cold terrain and competition. This final episode of the series features tips for using the terrain as cover to secure the win. Squad up. Beat the Cold.

PUBG - Vikendi: New Feature - Snowbike

YouTube | en | 27 января 2019 в 22:45
Dash your way through situations in deep snow with the brand-new Snowbike, available exclusively on Vikendi. The Snowbike is a 2-person vehicle that substitutes the motorbike. Available now on Test Servers with PC Patch #25.

PUBG - Cave Tease

YouTube | en | 25 января 2019 в 20:58
What's new on Vikendi? Finders Keepers. Losers Weepers.


YouTube | en | 24 января 2019 в 12:48
This game has been adapted from the original PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS to be playable with low specification computers and laptops. Players who were previously unable to access the game due to the specification requirements will now be able to