Space Engineers → Marek Rosa, Keen Developers & YouTubers' Public Multiplayer Test Stream!

Marek Rosa is going to play the Space Engineers Public Multiplayer Test alongside some Keen developers and YouTubers on the KeenCommunityNetwork, Fri, July 13, 5 - 6 pm
Space Engineers, 13 июля 2018 в 00:27

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Update 1.187.2 - More Improvements

RSS | en | 23 августа 2018 в 14:06
Hello, Engineers! We are releasing another update to make our multiplayer code even more efficient and fine-tune issues that have been reported to us by the community. Thanks for reporting them - it really helps us locate and fix everything.If you

Update 1.187.1 – Minor Improvements

RSS | en | 06 августа 2018 в 17:10
Hello, Engineers! Today's minor update brings you more dedicated server GUI and Remote Client improvements, more descriptive tool tips for trash removal settings and lots of quality of life improvements and fixes. To name a few, we have addressed a

Public Multiplayer Test: July 12 - July 13

RSS | en | 11 июля 2018 в 18:40
Hello, Engineers!We are running another Public Multiplayer Test showcasing new multiplayer improvements from Thursday, July 12th at 11AM to Friday, July 13th, 11PM (GMT +2). Keen Software House admins will be managing the test for the whole period