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We continue baking some major update functionality into the game, while, during this process, we continue to fix and add polish where possible to this current version of the game. Please, welcome our weekly patch! We hope you’ll like it!<div
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Big inventories for everyone! (

RSS | en | 23 мая 2019 в 15:55
In this week’s patch, we’ve increased the inventory windows and enabled sorting for the items that are added to your backpacks and warehouses on the fly. Hope you’ll like it!Patch Notes (ver. Features and Tweaks: Improved, bigger

(Dev News #156) Epleland Travel Tips and Statues

RSS | en | 17 мая 2019 в 20:01
Hey, Feudalists! Today we have released a patch with a couple of small, yet vital new features, mechanic tweaks, and some general fixes. One of the important changes added with this patch is that now repairing objects is not allowed during Holy

(Dev News #155) Fixes, Challenges and a Timelapse

RSS | en | 10 мая 2019 в 20:04
Hey, Feudalists! This week we are continuing our hard work on squashing bugs and overall improvement to the current version of the game. In this week’s patch, we have implemented an abilities allowance during Holy Judgement. You can take a look at

(Dev News #154) Your Feedback and Art Sneak Peek

RSS | en | 03 мая 2019 в 20:01
Hey, Feudalists! First of all, we would like to thank you for your feedback about the Combat patch. We have received a lot of messages related to that, so thank you once again, As we mentioned last week, we are still planning an AMA session about

(Dev News #153) Crossbows and Combat Tweaks

RSS | en | 26 апреля 2019 в 20:00
Hey, Feudalists! As promised, this week’s patch is a combat patch that contains a new wave of combat and siege related tweaks. With this update we have added changes to stamina, wounds, bleeding and fracture calculation mechanics, as well as some

Military Outpost Archers and more Outpost Tweaks (

RSS | en | 19 апреля 2019 в 15:32
With the current patch, we provide significant tweaks in order to make sieging actions using Military Outposts more adequate and logical. Oh, we’ve also added the first combat NPCs (archers) that will help you to protect your Military Outposts! We

(Dev News #151) Events, Streamers and Steady Progress

RSS | en | 12 апреля 2019 в 20:13
Hey, Feudalists! This week we have continued working on fixes and tweaks for a patch, however, we have encountered some obstacles, due to which we are now forced to postpone the patch. We are hoping to roll it out next week, so stay tuned! Thank you

(Dev News #150) Fog, Fixes, Outposts

RSS | en | 05 апреля 2019 в 20:20
Hey, Feudalists! As mentioned in previous dev news[], this week we also stayed focused on fixing the bugs and tweaking existing gameplay in weekly patches. Today’s patch is dedicated mostly to the outposts. We have determined that

(Dev News #149) Fixes, Counselors, and AMAs

RSS | en | 29 марта 2019 в 20:23
Hey, Feudalists! As you have already noticed by the patch released earlier today, this week we have decided to focus on fixing existing bugs and improving the gameplay experience. That being said, new features are on temporary hold for another