The Elder Scrolls Online → Become a Monster & Earn Unique Rewards during the Witches Festival

The grim spectacle of the Witches Festival has once again returned to haunt the people of Tamriel. Take part in this chilling celebration to earn bonus XP and unique rewards. It’s also your first opportunity to earn Event Tickets and Indrik Feathers
The Elder Scrolls Online, 11 октября 2018 в 15:57

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Community Spotlight – Trial Guilds

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One of the best ways to experience ESO’s hardest content is with a guild. In this newest Community Spotlight, we interview members from two different end-game Trial progression guilds.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - Dragon Rage

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A rage of Dragons threatens Elsweyr, and the embattled Khajiit struggle to protect their ancestral homeland from their fury. In ESO: Elsweyr, the newest Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga, you must help the Khajiiti people and their defenders

Meet the Character – Mulaamnir

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Dragons rage over the home of the Khajiit, and the mighty Mulaamnir is at the center of their fury. Learn about the fearsome monster at the heart of the Elsweyr Chapter’s main story in our latest Meet the Character.

Face False Gods in Sunspire, Elsweyr’s New Trial

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Claiming to be the Avatar of Alkosh himself, the golden Dragon Nahviintaas and his followers have occupied the Temple of the First Cat. Learn about Sunspire, a new 12-player Trial coming with The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr!

Meet the Character – Abnur Tharn

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One of the original Five Companions, Abnur Tharn is well known within Imperial circles as both a powerful battlemage and cunning politician. Learn about the Grand Chancellor in our latest Meet the Character!