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Welcome to the first Frontline News of the new year! We’re going to start by taking a look back on everything which has happened over 2018, and then see what’s coming up in 2019.2018 in SummaryWe started the year of 2018 by merging the code bases
Tannenberg, 11 января 2019 в 15:39

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Состоялся релиз шутера Tannenberg от создателей Verdun

Состоялся релиз шутера Tannenberg от создателей Verdun

13 февраля 2019 в 17:08
Студия Blackmill Games, известная по многопользовательскому шутеру Verdun, выпустила в релиз свой новый проект в том же жанре - Tannenberg
Шутер Tannenberg перешел в стадию раннего доступа

Шутер Tannenberg перешел в стадию раннего доступа

16 ноября 2017 в 23:44
Многопользовательский шутер от первого лица Tannenberg, в исполнении Blackmill Games, наконец стал доступен всем желающим по программе...

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Game Update - May 20th

RSS | en | 20 мая 2019 в 15:19
Today brings another update for Tannenberg! We also have a nice new video to share with you...New Maneuver mode tutorial videoWe made a tutorial video to explain how the Maneuver game mode works. Great for new players, or if you want to explain the

The pack has withdrawn… for now

RSS | en | 02 мая 2019 в 14:08
Farewell to wolves!It's been a few weeks since the end of the Wolf Truce event. Many soldiers were eaten, many wolves were slain. Now the survivors have retreated to their dens. Will they return? Who can say...How many of you managed to get the Wolf

Wolves on the hunt on the Eastern Front!

RSS | en | 12 апреля 2019 в 14:01
The Wolf Truce Event begins!Do you hear that howling in the woods? If you've been keeping an eye on our social media this won't come as a complete surprise, but aggressive wolf packs will be making their way into Tannenberg for the duration of this

Special historical in-game event

RSS | en | 10 апреля 2019 в 17:32
A lil somethin somethin: A special historical in-game event will run from 12th to 21st of April. Load up your rifles for a special surprise!

FRONTLINE NEWS: New Weapon Announced for Tannenberg!

RSS | en | 01 апреля 2019 в 13:23
We are very excited to announce plans for a new deadly weapon in Tannenberg! Check out the teaser below:https://youtu.be/yUFx1BBxUNkSmoking MechanicsBased on flawless advice from reliable 100% unbiased sources, we have implemented the following

FRONTLINE NEWS: Battles of the Eastern Front!

RSS | en | 22 марта 2019 в 15:29
We have recently put together a historical trailer, showing off the many battlefields featured in Tannenberg now that it’s released, along with the historical battles that inspired each map. Feast your eyes on it here:https://youtu.be/lv1aKJrosU8We

FRONTLINE NEWS: Japanese and Chinese Translations Arrive!

RSS | en | 26 февраля 2019 в 16:08
Chinese and Japanese translations!We have added both Simplified Chinese and Japanese translations to both Tannenberg and Verdun! This brings our total supported languages up to twelve — check out these screenshots from the game in different

Tannenberg Released!

RSS | en | 13 февраля 2019 в 14:01
https://youtu.be/9RW4pfqNyegWe hit the release button, and Tannenberg has officially left Early Access! There’s a new map, a new squad, new weapons, more improvements and a secret event announced for this Spring...Welcome the Bulgarian ArmyThose

Tannenberg Full Release!

RSS | en | 11 февраля 2019 в 16:07
Party!: On this day Tannenberg will be leaving Early Access — join us for new content and an exciting winter offensive!

FRONTLINE NEWS: Less than a week to go!

RSS | en | 08 февраля 2019 в 15:53
Five days, to be precise.The Tannenberg release is less than a week away, so what better way to pass the time than a recap of all the teasers we’ve released so far? Let’s start with the new squad.BulgariaThe Bulgarians are a support squad for the