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Dev Diary #74

RSS | en | 19 апреля 2019 в 18:41
Hey there fellow ylanders,If you're reading this, you must be aware by now that on Monday we released the 0.12 Smooth Sailing update. It took longer than we originally planned to, but we hope it was worth the wait :) It did introduce a few issues,

Update: 18/04/2019

RSS | en | 18 апреля 2019 в 19:02
Version: [YLD-16189] [Dedicated Server] Players see other players crawling on DS if those joined and died while they were on another island [YLD-16188] [Dedicated Server] Players are unable to trade if they die far away from each

0.12 Smooth Sailing for Ylands!

RSS | en | 15 апреля 2019 в 22:34
Dear ylanders,We are happy to unveil the latest update to Ylands, "Smooth Sailing"!The flagship features of this update are a complete in-game user interface (UI) overhaul, improved ships physics, an improved combat engine, collider baking for

Dev Diary #71

RSS | en | 29 марта 2019 в 18:08
Hey there fellow ylanders, it's time for another Dev Diary — this time about: combat!As you might recall, with update 0.11 we have introduced combat 2.0 to the game. This updated combat engine introduced light and heavy attacks, the ability to dodge

Dev Diary #70

RSS | en | 22 марта 2019 в 19:03
Hey there fellow ylanders,We're almost there with the update (actually we've managed to sneak in some more goodies as you will see quite soon in the changelog) — in the meantime we can discuss another very important feature of the upcoming update

Dev Diary #69

RSS | en | 15 марта 2019 в 18:43
Hey there fellow ylanders,If you've been with us for a long time, you may remember that back in the day I was also part of the Dev Diary/Sneak Peek writing committee (throwback to June 2017[ylands.com], when I wrote the last one ?), so I'm more than

Weekly sneaky WiP #9

RSS | en | 13 марта 2019 в 19:13
Sometimes even very peculiar mystery objects can be found in the Ylands offices. Just like this one. Can you guess which Ylands department has this beauty on display? #mysterypic

Dev Diary #67

RSS | en | 01 марта 2019 в 18:54
Hey there fellow ylanders,As you might recall, in last week's Dev Diary[ylands.com] Ales mentioned that there might come a day, when a Dev Diary will be written by someone other than him. That day has come. In case my name does not ring any bells —