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Update 0.13 hotfix

RSS | en | 16 июля 2019 в 15:51
Update: 17/07/2019YLD-17251 Fixed — Ship: Building blocks disappear from vehicles once you disasseble themYLD-17296 Fixed — Trading issues: two players trade when their package are full. The item they choose is inconsistent with that added into the

Update 0.13 - Fine Friends

RSS | en | 20 июня 2019 в 18:50
Time to get social with new and updated features!The "Fine Friendships" update concentrates on the social features of the game, making it easier than ever to find friends and play games with them. Let us walk you through the biggest and best

Dev Diary #81

RSS | en | 07 июня 2019 в 17:45
Hey there fellow ylanders — it's that time of the week again!The time when you settle in with a steaming cup of coffee, lay back and enjoy the latest Dev Diary, especially knowing that this one might be* the last before a new update comes out.So

Dev Diary #80

RSS | en | 31 мая 2019 в 17:13
Hey there, fellow ylanders!Let’s talk about another exciting feature coming in 0.13! The new and improved terrain generation. We have changed the way the terrain is generated in both the surface and the underground caves – this paves the groundwork

Dev Diary #79

RSS | en | 24 мая 2019 в 18:13
Hey there, fellow ylanders!Today we’ll take a look at two things that Creators will love in the upcoming update 0.13. Even though they have quite sophisticated names, they are actually very easy to describe, and you’ll see that they are very

Dev Diary #77

RSS | en | 10 мая 2019 в 19:19
Hey there fellow ylanders,You probably remember that a couple of weeks back we presented one of the new fancy features coming in 0.13 — the friends list. And what's the use of having friends if you can't actually communicate with them? That's why in

Update: 02/05/2019

RSS | en | 02 мая 2019 в 18:20
Version: [YLD-16397] Camera is inverted while controlling ships, cars, boats and horses [YLD-16295] Crash to desktop when mining drill is selected in inventory [YLD-16371] If you escape in a password protected game in the MP lobby,

Dev Diary #75

RSS | en | 26 апреля 2019 в 17:50
Hey there fellow ylanders,This week, let's talk about friends with benefits.In the next update (before you ask: we don't have a fancy name yet, and yes, it's coming soon(tm)) we will be focusing on the social aspects of Ylands, trying to make sure

Dev Diary #74

RSS | en | 19 апреля 2019 в 18:41
Hey there fellow ylanders,If you're reading this, you must be aware by now that on Monday we released the 0.12 Smooth Sailing update. It took longer than we originally planned to, but we hope it was worth the wait :) It did introduce a few issues,