Space Engineers → Did You Know #6 (Game World Size)?

Did you know?The game world size is practically infinite!
Space Engineers, 14 марта 2019 в 19:23

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Incoming Transmission!

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Do you want more customization in Space Engineers? This is just a taste.

Update 1.190.1 - Minor Improvements

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Space Engineers29/04/2019Minor Update 1.190.1Features-All players can now use any DLC blocks without owning the DLC, however, placement (place a block, spawn in a blueprint containing DLC blocks, initially weld projected DLC block) is still reserved

Upcoming Decorative Pack Functionality Update

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Hello, Engineers!After carefully evaluating feedback provided by the community, we have decided to make a major change to the functionality of the Decorative Pack. Soon, all players will be able to interact with these blocks regardless of whether