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Hello Nomads,This time we have an update with some minor fixes. Mainly, you should not fall down through the terrain now (as it happened before in case of stepping under the hill from cockpit and other similiar situations).We are also introducing
Planet Nomads, 15 апреля 2019 в 15:11

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RSS | en | 03 июня 2019 в 09:46
Hello Nomads,Our "optimization" build have no critical bugs now, so we've just released it for everyone.Here is the repetition of changes: optimized geometic calcuations in Animal Nests, POIs & Navigation, Planet geometry, Dynamic Obstalces in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 31 мая 2019 в 13:06
Hello Nomads,Optimization update brought some performance improvements but also some bugs that we need to solve before releasing it to the public. So, here is the update, so far in experimental.The list of changes: fixed building new Optimizations in Experimental

RSS | en | 24 мая 2019 в 14:02
Hello Nomads,We have freed the Experimental branch yesterday and today we have a new experiment for you. We have reworked the most CPU intensive scripts and was able to gain from nothing to 20% FPS increase on our testing HW. There is still some Motorbike released publicly

RSS | en | 23 мая 2019 в 13:54
Hello Nomads,It has been rainning for days here at our HQ — not ideal weather for riding a bike, so we've released our update with motocycle publicly to have some fun :)Here is the list of changes to repeat: new special blueprint — motocycleescape in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 21 мая 2019 в 17:23
Hello Nomads,Today, we've released Planet Nomads into experimental branch. You can try out our new experiment — a motorbike. Do not expect real bike simulation, it's just a fun way to move yourself around :). You will find it in blueprints in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 10 мая 2019 в 10:09
Hello Nomads,Today we've released new version into experimental. It brings just small fixes. You can test it if you switch into experimental branch in you client but we plan to release it everyone today.List of fixes: fixed opening of The Story Unfolds

RSS | en | 03 мая 2019 в 13:18
Hello Nomads,Today is a big day for us. We have decided to release Planet Nomads sooner than promised as we managed to finish the game story.The story puts you in a difficult position where you have to truly survive the crash landing, explore your in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 02 мая 2019 в 14:34
Hello Nomads,Today we've released (hopefully) last release of our big story update, version It is just a small fixes for bugs you've reported to us.List of changes: fixed monuments that cannot be scanned from one side fixed weird monument in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 30 апреля 2019 в 17:13
Hello Nomads,Thank you for the feedback on the story. We have noticed that there were some bugs that prevented you from continuing in some places, so we have an update in the experimental branch today.There is one thing to highlight — we have in Experimental Branch

RSS | en | 26 апреля 2019 в 16:52
Hello Nomads,We have just released new version of Planet Nomads —, you can sneak peek the full story in the experimental branch before the full release.We do not want to wipe your saves because of story, so you can continue your saves, but