Battalion 1944 → New Map: Vanguard

New Russian map ‘Vanguard’ coming at full release on May 23rd 2019! 1944’s full release is so close! On May 23rd you’ll be able to play mountains of new content! Today we’re revealing ‘Vanguard’,
Battalion 1944, 15 мая 2019 в 19:04

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Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

09 марта 2017 в 18:01
​Square Enix объявила, что она достигла соглашения с британской студией Bulkhead Interactive и станет издателем онлайн-шутера Battalion 1944 о Второй мировой войне. Игра выйдет этим летом на PC, PlayStation 4 и Xbox One.

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Patch 22602 Notes, Load Times, Arcade & Rifles Only!

RSS | en | 27 мая 2019 в 15:50
After a successful weekend, patch 22602 improves load times and brings back the Arcade & Rifles Only playlists!Hey all!Launch weekend has been amazing — we’ve seen a massive resurgence of interest in Battalion 1944, with players and streamers

Fix for 'Freeze/Lag' issue is now live!

RSS | en | 26 мая 2019 в 02:01
We have just added a patch to fix the lag/stutter issue that some of our players have been experiencing that stops them from playingAt launch, some of our players were experiencing a stutter or freeze every 3-4 seconds in the menu, training map and

Battalion 1944 Full Release is OUT NOW!

RSS | en | 24 мая 2019 в 20:34
After the usual teething issues of a multiplayer game launch, Battalion 1944 is alive and kicking on Steam! 1944 is finally out of Early Access. We've been hard at work for the last year on

Announcing Rifles Only Special Event and Team Ladders!

RSS | en | 23 мая 2019 в 17:04
Coming to Battalion this weekend is a special Rifles Only event and Heroes Team Ladders! are hurtling towards from full release later today, it’s time for us to announce a little extra

Livestream & Showcase displaying Battalion's full release!

RSS | en | 17 мая 2019 в 20:59
On Monday May 20th at 19:00 BST you will be able to see Battalion’s full release played live on twitch in a developer showmatch between Team_Howard and Team_BrammerWe are hurtling towards from full release on May 23rd, it’s time for us to show what

New Weapons: Russian Automatic Weapons

RSS | en | 17 мая 2019 в 01:01
The Russian automatic weapons are challenging, exciting, rewarding, and lethal!'re super pumped to be able to finally start revealing some of the Russian weapons coming to Battalion 1944

South American Support & Blitzkrieg Battles Return!

RSS | en | 16 мая 2019 в 17:52
We’d like to announce a few things..We are now just one week away from full release on May 23rd. We're currently putting out two updates a day! We'd like to apologise for dropping this much information on you all at once, but there's just so much to

Adding Recoil

RSS | en | 15 мая 2019 в 23:21
After community testing and feedback Battalion has added recoil to improve the gunplay and weapon feelOriginally upon Battalion's release, as designers we made the decision to build the game and gunplay with very little recoil, if any at all.

New Map: Goldrush

RSS | en | 14 мая 2019 в 17:33
New map ‘Goldrush’ is one of our new Russian maps specifically designed for Capture the Flag 1944’s full release is just around the corner. This week we’re revealing a whole host

New Map: Docks launching with full release!

RSS | en | 13 мая 2019 в 16:59
New map ‘Docks’ focuses on rewarding skilled players and decision makingBattalion 1944’s full release is just around the corner. On May 23rd a whole host of new maps will be available to players. Today we wanted to talk in a little more depth about