Battalion 1944 → New Map: Vanguard

New Russian map ‘Vanguard’ coming at full release on May 23rd 2019! 1944’s full release is so close! On May 23rd you’ll be able to play mountains of new content! Today we’re revealing ‘Vanguard’,
Battalion 1944, 15 мая 2019 в 19:04

Публикации по игре Battalion 1944

В раннем доступе вышел военный шутер Battalion 1944

В раннем доступе вышел военный шутер Battalion 1944

01 февраля 2018 в 22:00
​В сервисе ​Steam по программе раннего доступа вышел хардкорный военный шутер от первого лица ​Battalion 1944
Battalion 1944: даты ЗБТ и старта раннего доступа

Battalion 1944: даты ЗБТ и старта раннего доступа

10 января 2018 в 10:31
Разработчики военного многопользовательского шутера от первого лица ​Battalion 1944 огласили даты закрытого бета-тестирования и выхода игры в раннем доступе
Battalion 1944 покажут на выставке EGX Rezzed

Battalion 1944 покажут на выставке EGX Rezzed

22 марта 2017 в 15:58
Разработчики Battalion 1944 собираются привезти игру на выставку EGX Rezzed, которая пройдёт в Лондоне с 30 марта по 1 апреля.
Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

Square Enix стала издателем Battalion 1944

09 марта 2017 в 18:01
​Square Enix объявила, что она достигла соглашения с британской студией Bulkhead Interactive и станет издателем онлайн-шутера Battalion 1944 о Второй мировой

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XP Boost and Mid Season Preview!

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Hello troops! Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’re bringing to the frontlines this week. 2 More Maps!Last week saw the inclusion of both Goldrush and Vanguard into our Headquarters game mode. This week is no different as we look to expand,

House to Home to HQ

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With the recent inclusion of our new casual game mode ‘Headquarters’ in our Summer Season Update, we’re looking to expand! x2 New Maps You may have shook, rattled and rolled with the best of them but our true aim is to see how well we can cater your

New Community Manager!

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First and foremost, hello! Hello to faces fresh and familiar, from humble beginnings to pastures new. My name is Aaron Baker and I have recently been granted the unmissable opportunity to work closely with Battalion 1944 and Bulkhead Interactive as

Hotfix 23034 - Ghostly Box Removed & Vote Kick Disabled

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Hey all!Very small post update hotfix today with some smaller bug fixes and quality of life changes!The server update process could take up to 2 hours!Patch Notes Removed the pesky floating box on Manorhouse v2 in Arcade modes.Disabled vote kicking

The Heroes Ladder is live on Faceit!

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The Heroes Ladder is competitive matchmaking specifically for teams and 'mixes', similar to Clanbase.If you're looking to compete at a high level AND still receive Elo for playing, The Heroes Ladder is the place for you. All you need is 4 other

SEA Servers launch tomorrow!

RSS | en | 12 июня 2019 в 15:00
With the growing success of Battalion 1944’s playerbase, we’re happy to announce that servers for the SEA (South East Asian) regions will be going live tomorrow!SEA Server Launch Time6:00pm SGT (GMT+8, 11:00am BST, 12:00am CEST).We’ll also have a