Fallout 76 – Radio Play Part 1: K.D. Inkwell in Escape from the 42nd Century

As a time travel experiment has gone completely awry, K.D. Inkwell is trapped in the 42nd century! Complete challenges and earn new rewards as you rank up. Follow us on the following sites and social media: Official Site — https://fallout.com
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Your chance to explore the mysterious and dangerous island of Blackreef is just around the corner. Pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe edition of DEATHLOOP now to receive exclusive bonuses including unique weapons, character skins, and more!

YouTube | en | 13 июля 2021 в 19:00
Looking to add a little more color to the already colorful island of Blackreef? Or maybe you just want Colt to blend in with his Eternalist foes a little better? Join the Arkane Outsiders group for free and receive the “Eternalist Colt” skin, as

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Prowling stealthily across rooftops or tearing through the streets of Blackreef in a hail of bullets. Finding a hidden entrance or busting in through the front door. There are many ways to reach your targets in DEATHLOOP. Our target in this extended

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The next major expansion to Fallout 76 has arrived. Steel Reign released on July 7, and it brought a bunch of new content to the game, including quests, rewards, mechanics and more. Importantly, this update is completely free for all Fallout 76

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Steel Reign brings the conclusion of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. You arrive back at Fort Atlas to find the tensions between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin have reached a boiling point. After swarms of Super Mutants start to appear and

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In our next Dev Dive video, the Fallout 76 development team will give us a preview of the new Legendary Crafting system coming with the Steel Reign update coming July 7. Follow us on the following sites and social media: Official Site —